Sakr Building no.249/ Street 306 - 10 Floor , Flat no.40 New Maadi Cairo Egypt

New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Smart  Rubber Hose Co. , ltd, China     (Manufacture)

All kind of the Hydraulic Hoses

Osucas e.k. Metallspritztechnik , Germany  (Trader)

All kind of Spare parts for Cranes & Wear Parts

Foundry Raw materials such as Foundry coke, scrap, Alloys, Carburizer … etc



Moulds - Tool Steel - Forging For Corrugated - Drill Collars  -Spiral Drill Collars = Non Magnetic Drill Collars  - Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Smart  Rubber Hose Co

Elettrotek Kabel , Italy     (Manufacture)

All Kind of cables

Hultec Europe ,  France      (Manufacture)

Rubber Gaskets

HOMA - Hochstromtechnik GmbH & Co. KG , Germany ( Manufacture )

Power contactors - High current switches – Isolation – Distributing – Controlling – Regulating – Air – And Water coolling  - AC Switches - DC Switches

Compounds AG , Switzerland ( Manufacture )

Sealflex – Aquaflex – Dragonflex – Unvulcanised Sheets

ZM Silesia SA , Poland      (Manufacture)

Zinc - Zinc Wire – Zinc Titanium Sheet – Zinc anodes and Die Casting Alloys

Micamafco Enterprises

Mica for induction furnace Coil linings          

Mica therm Mica Tube Mica Washer

Karl Schmidt , , Germany ( Manufacture )

Foundry technicians who aim at producing first class quality castings (e.g. motor blocks, boilers, radiators, pumps, gear boxes etc.)

Nagel Maschinen-und Werkzug Fabrick GmbH , Germany (Manufacture)

Horizontal Hand Honing Machine  - Honing of Crankshaft Bearing Bores in Cylinder Blocks - Honing Tools - Standard Series - Elements of Honing - Nagel Honing

Tool and Cutting Media Program - Honing of piston bores in cylinder crankcases

RACO Elektro Maschinen GmbH , Germany  (Manufacture)

All Kinds of Actuators

AXIMA Refrigeration Svez , France    (Manufacture)

Complete Refrigeration units and it's parts.